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Are you ready to write your first book this year?
Let me get you there.

We shine a light on the areas of your soul-story that need attention to get you to writing your first book.

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Increase your peace

Decrease your frustration

Enjoy authentic community

What will it cost your future readers to not read your book from the re-written you?

Imagine if...
you could begin to write your first, beautiful book, in a matter of weeks with no editorial, marketing, or design skills.

How will life look a year from now if THEY do nothing because your book was never written?

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Ways To Work With Juliette

Everybody has a starting point. Let this be yours. 


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Rewrite Your Soul Story

Soul Care Tools Made Simple.


Write Your Book 

Gain clarity to fulfill your call to write.

I'm sorry you're stuck, can we rewrite your story, together?


It wasn't so long ago that I was where you are now and I know what it feels like to want to write the book that's in you and not know where to start.

Over the past twenty years, I've helped hundreds of people realize what's possible when they sit with their soul long enough to achieve results.

I feel alone. 

What story do I write?

I'm stuck at overwhelm.

I can't afford coaching.

My Soul Care framework will help you overcome being stuck in your anxiety, fear, and loneliness to discover the unwritten manuscript of your soul. Choose your preferred method of learning and let's get started...

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5 Secrets To Setting Boundaries For Life: Discover a peace-aligned life of freedom and purpose.

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Soul Care Coaching

Learn how to rewrite your soul story to write your whole story for others to gain hope and healing. 

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The Well House Membership

Coaching to support the process of writing your story with the goal of publishing.

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You're 3 steps away from transforming your life.

Choose your preferred learning style

Everyone absorbs information in a different way. In The Well House resources and events are designed to support your journey to wholeness while you rewrite your story, nurture the story you've rewritten, and participate in community.

Work at your own pace

Discover the new you as you unpack all the places in your soul weighing you down and keeping you stuck. Take your foot off the gas or accelerate at a pace that's uniquely yours.

Watch the dial move on your results


Soul Care Coaching transforms your life when you show up for yourself and connect with your new community. Life is better with other Warriors around you!  When you're all in watch the dial move!

Now Imagine...

Living a peace-centered life aligned with Truth and creating from that as your core?   

Once you learn how to connect Truth to all of the places in your story that caused you pain, whatever you're facing that hurts, everything that seems like it's on hold, all the good that appears to be for everyone but you, the moments when you can't seem to catch a breath or a break ...   

Remember that good is meant for you and it's on the way, the hurt will turn into gratitude when you realize what wasn't meant for you to make room for what is, and beautiful moments are about to show up that will take your breath away and help you forget what broke you to begin with.

Friend, in The Well House Community, you will learn how to keep breathing, stay the road less traveled, and we will champion you to fulfill those dreams you've carried for so long! 

When you begin with my free guide on boundaries, this is simple introduction to the guidance I offer as a Soul Care Coach and the support you'll receive in The Well House community to heal, write, and create the life I believe God intended for you all along. I'm your guide, God is your Hero!


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