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Say Hello To Your Soul Care Coach

Hi friend!  Juliette here, your soul-care-obsessed coach, your listener, and your breakthrough strategist! 

One of the things I hear most from women - how do they keep creating while they're in  "the struggle".  I got you and I hear you!  If I could go back and un-push pause on moments, I would tell myself the truth of pain and power coexisting.  

Here we are together in this surreal moment of undoing and relearning. So, let's make the most of it, shall we?

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A little bit of my story.  

As a Mama, Published Author, Life Coach, Speaker, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader, and Podcaster, my obsession with Soul Care points others to rewrite their story and not to relive history. After childhood and adulthood trauma caused a collision of abandonment and a longing for intimate belonging in my soul, I created dialogue to radically transform my own narrative. I've committed my life to helping others recover their breath in the middle of the war in their soul, not after it ends! As the founder of WildWell Company—a movement of freeing the mind and healing the body through Soul Care for females affected by childhood and adulthood trauma-systemic cycles and patterns of mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse and betrayal trauma, our mission is teaching and equipping women to apply simple, strategic soul care to their past, present, and future through prayer, coaching, and community! These tools enhance, empower, and amplify every area of your life personally and professionally!  I passionately reframe soul hygiene to disrupt the view of how we connect to faith, ourselves, and others to create a life of wonder!  

It's been over twenty years now that I stepped into entrepreneurship, launched my writing and coaching career, and pursued adventure! The wild ride of this soul care movement continues as I keep pursuing and fighting for women to be free in their mind and healed in their body!

In the midst of evolving in my own process, four darling children later (with three of them adulting now), and extraordinarily escaping an abusive marriage of twenty-three years and twenty-eight years in that relationship, I'm embracing every moment on my own journey to wholeness!  

Navigating this brilliant jungle of Truth and Self-love empowers us to create a life beyond our wildest dreams! 

xoxo Warrior-Sister,

Juliette Marhofer-Dugger

p.s. Tune into my podcast, YELLOW SOUL, on Apple or Spotify. Through interviews and solo episodes, I hold rogue conversations for human beings to know, "if it defined you, it matters, let’s talk about it!"

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Let's Rewrite Your Soul-Story So You Can Write the Whole-Story! 

I have spent years developing simple, strategic soul care, so you don't have to wonder where to begin...

Over two decades in the personal transformation industry I'm still 100% #soulcareobsessed  

When we tend to our soul, we can successfully create a beautiful life while building meaningful relationships.  I love teaching women why to Soul Care, not just how. This brutal process becomes beautiful as our power and belonging are restored. There's a lot to discuss, let's start this journey, together! Welcome home darling soul.   

Please direct all inquiries about 1:1 Coaching, Group Coaching, Female Founder/Leadership Events and Retreats, podcast interviews, and speaking engagements to: [email protected] 

"I read her bio and everyone immediately loved her vibe and they’re excited about our Intensive! We all are anticipating feels being all over the place and are ready!"


Social Work/Children's Advocate, Texas

Are you the female ready to: 

  • Implement advanced soul care strategies for your life and your dreams to thrive like never before?
    • {show up & we will walk this out together!}
  • Breakthrough loneliness and abandonment cycles to create beyond your wildest dreams?
    • {yep, there's a reason you're trapped, you can get out, and I'm here to show you how.}
  • Flip the script on your pain to become power even when you don't feel like it?
    • {I'll share a secret with you...feelings aren't evil, they're empowering, and you'll learn how to use them to your advantage!}

Soul Care is designed to hug your life as a secret weapon to help you feel alive and heal! 

Let's be can be fascinating, unexpected, traumatic, joyful, unrivaled, and adventurous (and much more)!  What if you had a community of like-minded warriors and soul care tools to exchange exhausting cycles of striving, comparison, performance, isolation, and suffering?  

Get on our waitlist today for The Well House Community and be the first to enjoy a 7-Day Free Trial on us! Here's a sneak peek of incredible aspects of our community: Live online meet-ups, daily devotionals, tangible soul care coaching tips from our team and so much more!

We are committed to your restoration and can't wait for your life to unfold with abundance!

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Meet Milica Savkovic, A Serbian Native,

Digital Media Designer

Hello WildWell!  I am Milica and I am originally from Serbia; a really small county in Central Europe.  

Let’s get to know each other…

After completing my musical career in High School and getting bored with playing the piano, I decided to do something a little different and study Psychology at University.  This endeavor was so much fun and A LOT of work!  Once I completed my studies of the aspects of people and their willingness to change, I decided to take the next step and obtained my Masters Degree. Although my 5 years in studies at University were rewarding, boredom set in when I entered the workforce.  I used my degree in Human Resources, Sales, and Project Management and quickly found myself longing to utilize my creative skills as a Freelance Digital Media Designer.  

Some years later I decided it was time to leave Corporate, take a leap of faith, and start my own business as a Digital Designer! 

Fast Forward a couple of years, and many clients later, my path crossed with Juliette’s!  Like many of my clients, she and I started our relationship by collaborating on several design projects and we just hit it off!  This is why joining her WildWell team as a Digital Media Designer felt like the perfect fit.    

I love creating and running my own business!  My husband and I are tucked away from the state capital and the crowd at a peaceful home in the country, surrounded by trees, our five dogs, and four cats!  I am IN LOVE with plant-based food, Latin jazz, the country of Portugal, Almodovar’s movies, Russian novels, and jogging!

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